Why Keto? Four Reasons to Follow a Keto Diet.

Since starting this new way of eating, a lot of people have asked me “why keto?” and since that’s something that I can never seem to answer in just one sentence, I thought I’d give you a little breakdown of my reasons.

1. Science


When I was pregnant with my eldest, I developed gestational diabetes which never resolved itself because of my weight, so in my second pregnancy I was actually injecting insulin. During both pregnancies, I was advised to follow a low GI diet and it gave me a basis of knowledge in terms of what the actual chemical make-up of food does to your body. Then, my husband discovered keto about 18 months ago and started following a low carb diet on and off, leading both of us to do a lot more reading and when you do that there’s just no denying the science behind keto. There’s more to healthy eating that simple calories in vs. calories spent and in terms of my personal health, keto seemed to be the most effective thing.

2. Intense Dislike of Weightloss Groups


Let me begin by saying that I have friends who have lost weight using Weight Watchers and Slimming World and it’s worked for them, so that’s fine. However, I have an intense dislike of these types of groups for a number of reasons. Firstly, if a company’s profits depend on YOU remaining overweight or needing to diet, they simply do not have a vested interest in you ever becoming ‘slim for life’. If everyone who followed their plans lost weight and kept it off, their profits would disappear.

Secondly, they make the job of losing weight overly complicated so that you feel like you couldn’t possibly do it yourself. You think that you NEED the magic books with figures for points and syns and whatever else they may call it, when all you really need to do is eat healthy food, cut sugar out of your diet and move around more. They never seem to advocate exercise, which is ESSENTIAL for a healthy body and they also remove all accountability – want to eat that pizza? Well, Slimming World says it’s okay because you can use your Syns. Yeah, yeah, everything in moderation, I know, except that DOESN’T help you to lose weight. Losing weight is achieved through hard work, not half measures and this is exactly was SW and WW promote because they NEED YOU TO BE FAT. There is no-one involved with keto who has a vested interest in keeping me fat.

3. It’s Sustainable


Eating keto is something that, even when I’m at my “ideal weight” I’ll continue to do because it’s actually a really sustainable and enjoyable way to eat. For most people I speak to their first reaction is “Oh, I could never give up carbs, I love them too much”, but that’s exactly the point. There was NO bigger carb monster than me; I could easily polish off a whole family sized bag of crisps myself, tubes of Pringles, extra mash or roast potatoes with dinner, anything made of potatoes or pasta or rice was like crack to me! Removing these from my diet has improved my blood sugar levels, given me more energy, helped me to lose 19lb in just 6 weeks, and I’ve not felt deprived at all. I can still enjoy lovely meals with my family, I just have to think a little bit harder about how to make them work for me.

And finally, the best reason of them all…



A “diet” which positively encourages the consumption of bacon. Need I say more?!

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