Keto Texas BBQ Pizza (gluten free)

Keto Texas BBQ Pizza (gluten free)One thing that I thought I’d probably only get to enjoy on cheat days was pizza. Sure, meat and cheese are keto staples. Dough? Not so much! However, leave it to the clever people of the internet to find a way to make a pizza base without using ANY grain whatsoever. I found the basis of this recipe on Pinterest and decided that we needed to use it to make our favourite pizza – Texas BBQ.

At first, I was really skeptical of making a pizza base out of cheese, after all, using baked cheese as a basis for a topping of cheese just sounded ridiculous! However, and I cannot overstate this enough – THIS DOUGH IS AMAZING!

Keto Texas BBQ Pizza BASEHusband and I both commented that if we were fed this without knowing that is was essentially a fake dough, neither of us would have known, we’d have just thought it was a really thin-based home-made pizza. Combined with the Texas BBQ toppings, it was a revelation! Here’s how we made it:

Keto Texas BBQ Pizza (gluten free)
Recipe type: Keto
Cuisine: Low Carb
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
A keto version of one of our favourite pizzas!
  • For the BASE
  • 190g grated mozzarella
  • 70g ground almonds
  • 2tbsp cream cheese
  • 1 egg
  • Pizza seasoning
  • Greaseproof paper and a baking tray
  • For the TOPPING
  • 100g grated mozzarella and cheddar mix
  • 3 rashers of streaky bacon
  • ¼ of a red onion, diced
  • Half a green bell pepper, sliced
  • Barbecue sauce of choice
  • Shredded chicken (roughly 1 small breast, roasted, was enough)
  1. Line your banking tray with greaseproof paper
  2. Place the mozzarella and cream cheese and microwave in one minute increments until completely melted together
  3. Stir the almond flour, followed by the egg, into the melted cheese mixture
  4. Place the mixture in the middle of the greaseproof-lined tray and spread outwards with the back of a large spoon - the mixture will be very stretchy but will flatten out it you work it for a few seconds.
  5. Sprinkle pizza seasoning over your dough and poke it all over with a fork - this will stop it from bubbling up too much
  6. Bake at 220C for 12 minutes, checking half way through and poking any bubbled areas with a fork
  7. While your dough is baking, prep your toppings and fry off your streaky bacon
  8. Once the bacon is cooked, cut it into 1cm squares
  9. Take the dough out of the oven and spread with approx. 2tbsps of barbecue sauce
  10. Sprinkle the cheese over the top of the sauce, leaving a 1cm border around the edge of the dough
  11. Place the rest of the toppings evenly over the top of the pizza
  12. Bake for a further 5 minutes, or until cheese is fully melted
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ¼ Calories: 435 Fat: 33.7 Saturated fat: 11.5 Carbohydrates: 9.5 Sugar: 4.9 Sodium: 428.4mg Fiber: 2.5 Protein: 24.3

We actually doubled up and made two pizzas and had half a pizza each, which was by NO means a low calorie meal, and it gave up almost a full days worth of carbs in one meal, HOWEVER, it was still fewer carbs for half a huge pizza than it would be for one slice of one from a takeaway, which I call a win. This was such a tasty dupe for a meal we enjoy as a family and it’s just another thing that we don’t ave to completely sacrifice in order to eat a keto diet.

A small note about barbecue sauces – here in the UK, it still seems to be really tricky to find low sugar versions of anything. I know there’s a sugar free brand of barbecue sauce that’s popular in the States which can be bought via Amazon, but at £25-ish a bottle, it’s just not worth paying that. I tend to spend almost double the time food shopping when I’m devising a recipe because I’ll read every single label before I buy things, so the best thing I can advise you to do is to just find the barbecue sauce with the lowest carb value in the shops you already go to.

Hunting in specialist shops is just going to make your life more difficult, make cooking this way less sustainable and could ultimately just be off-putting. This Bart’s one was 23.3g carbs per 100g, which would be pretty high on any other day, but given the fact that we only used a couple of tablespoons as a base, it didn’t work out too badly.  Also, do be aware that many sauces aren’t gluten-free so if you’re using this recipe on that basis, make sure you check first.

This dough can also be used as a basis for a bunch of other things such as quiche, or even baked and chopped up like nachos which would really serve to satiate a craving if you’re missing crisps or nachos and need a snack.

What’s your favourite pizza topping? Let me know if you recreate this as I’d love to know what you thought!